Workplace Medical Surveillance

  • Physical Capacity Assessments

    Physical Capacity Assessments are used as a tool to measure an individual’s ability to perform essential tasks on a safe and dependable basis as required by the job description. This aids an employer in identifying a candidate that is best suited for a specific job function.

  • Respirator Fit Testing

    If an employer chooses to implement the use of a respirator, OSHA requires that the employer has a written program in place. The written program should identify the following elements as applicable:


    • Procedures for selecting respirators in the workplace.
    • Medical Evaluations of employees required to use respirators.
    • Fit Testing procedures for tight-fitting respirators.
    • Procedures for proper use of respirators in routine and emergency situations.
    • Procedures and schedules for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Employee Education and Training


  • Immunizations/Vaccinations

    ITSA offers Hepatitis A & B series injections, Titer tests, MMR and TB screening to name a few.