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Supervisor Training

ITSA will train your supervisors to understand the effects and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse as it affects personal health, safety, and the workplace environment. Supervisors will also learn the signs and symptoms (behavioral cues) that may indicate drug use and abuse. ITSA will train them to become confident and better prepared to handle real-world situations according to regulations and your company policy. DOT and Drug-Free Workplace sessions are available.

Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Training

Certification is required for all individuals who perform breath alcohol testing for U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) safety sensitive employees. ITSA offers training on the following Intoximeter breath units; RBT-IV, Alco-Monitor CC and the ASV-IV with memory. ITSA trainers are “active” breath alcohol technicians and offer real life experience in all aspects of the alcohol testing process. The individual will learn the ins and outs of the alcohol testing process and their specific equipment to perform tests accurately and with integrity. Training is available on location for convenience.

DOT Urine Collection

Qualification for individuals that perform urine specimen for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated drug testing program is required. ITSA’s collector qualification program consists of a comprehensive curriculum that exceeds the requirements specified by the DOT. Our trainers will teach the individual collector that their role as collector is pivotal to the integrity of the collection process. For instance, ITSA trainers are “active” collectors and offer real life experience to the pitfalls that may occur during a collection. ITSA trainers can also give perspective to those abnormal scenarios since all of our trainers have background in working with an MRO. Another added benefit ITSA offers is on site training for a one-on-one atmosphere that can not be received from on-line or book training.

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Administrator Education/Training for Designated Employer Representative (DER)

A Designated Employer Representative (DER) is a representative from your organization who is responsible for the day to day activities and responsibilities of the workplace testing program. Knowledge of the DOT regulations is vital when making decisions on testing issues, employees who test positive or refuse to test, how to complete testing of randomly selected employees, and a myriad of other duties charged to the employer by the regulations. ITSA will train and educate your DER on the details of 49 CFR Part 40, but also to the regulatory nuances your industry mandates. Oftentimes, the DER wears many hats for the company and inherited the role having no former experience with testing regulations or procedures. This course is a step by step process in acquiring the knowledge necessary to make critical decisions for the organization and its commitment to safety.

Employee Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training & Education

ITSA will train and educate your employees about the effects of substance abuse, the requirements of your drug-free workplace or DOT program, why it is important to remain drug-free, and where they can go if they seek additional assistance. ITSA believes employee education is paramount to the success of your testing program. Informed employees take more responsibility and have more faith in your drug-free workplace efforts.

Recurrent Training

Recurrent training and education is mandated by some Federal transportation modes as well as by some states. Even if not a requirement by law or rule, ITSA believes recurrent training is paramount to instilling confidence and consistency within a program and a cornerstone to maintain its effectiveness. Recurrent training can be provided as needed for employees, supervisors, or administrators keeping them up-to-date and informed on their role in your company’s testing program.

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