• Drug and Alcohol Program Management

    ITSA utilizes state-of-the art custom software to manage your substance abuse testing program. The automated functionality of this software program enables ITSA to efficiently administer multi-faceted substance abuse testing programs for our clients. Features include customized reporting capabilities, client specific comprehensive data feeds, detailed documentation reports for audit preparedness, and individual notifications for random and follow-up testing programs. You name it and we can design a report to meet your program demands.


  • Policy and Procedure Development

    ITSA is able to assist employers in new policy development or review of existing policies to ensure compliance with federal regulations and/or state law. ITSA has aligned itself with the top legal authorities on drug testing in the country for current and accurate information on state laws and defensible testing procedures for union and non-union environments.

  • Random Selection Management

    ITSA utilizes a sophisticated selection program which meets federal and state requirements that can be tailored to industry specific or employer requirements when selecting employees for random testing. Electronic importing of employee information directly into our system guarantees accuracy and reduced effort on your part.


    Historical information of each person selected and tested is maintained allowing us to quickly identify any testing not performed. A reminder notice will then be issued to make certain all testing is completed and your annual testing goal is achieved.

  • Consortium Services

    ITSA registers your company in a pool with many other safety sensitive employees. This collection of employees, called a consortium, is managed in accordance with federal requirements 49 CFR Part 40. Your enrollment in this consortium is a key element in meeting the federal regulations. While enrolled in the consortium you have full access to our knowledgeable staff.


    ITSA’s goal is to keep this often confusing process as simple as possible for our busy clients. Our goal as an educator is consistent for organizations of all sizes. We take your compliance seriously and will walk you through the regulatory maze. ITSA has earned the respect of state and federal auditors as a “no shortcut” program administrator. The program gives you access to:

    • pre-employment testing
    • computerized random selection and certification
    • supervisor, DER and employee training
    • statistical reporting
    • MRO (medical review officer) review
    • collection site network
    • 24 hour emergency support line


    DOT Required Management Information System (MIS) Reporting

    While employers are ultimately responsible for meeting the DOT mandate for annual MIS reporting, ITSA will support you in the preparation of these reports by using the data collected by our computer system, the data provided by the laboratory and your drug and alcohol testing records to compile and complete the required reporting.