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How to upload your employee roster

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How to Add Employees to your active roster! 

Things to remember before adding a new roster: 

  1. What is in the ITSA portal is your active roster.
  2. Export your roster before your begin.
  3. You may NOT upload one or two employees at a time to ADD to a list.
  4. Uploading a new roster OVERWRITES the current active roster.  Make sure that you have the list that you want to add.
  5. Employees that are no longer active on your new roster are NOT deleted.  They are automatically turned inactive.
  6. If you are adding new DOT employees from a spreadsheet and NOT from a pre-employment negative result drug test, you need to make notation in the portal that you have drug tested your new employee.  You will be prompted to give a reason why we do not have a pre-employment test in our records for your new employee.
  7. If you ordered a pre-employment drug test through ITSA and it is not showing up yet in your portal, do not add the employee before you receive the result in your portal.  This will cause duplication and a need to merge the employee records which may result in a charge to the client.

To add employees you can do this two ways in the ITSA portal:

  1.  From a negative pre-employment drug test that processed through ITSA

    2.  Importing a new roster

If you do not have #1 (pre-employment negative drug test), use option #2 and follow these steps:

 Select Employees on the menu bar in the portal

 Select “export to spreadsheet” to get a current copy of the employee roster in the ITSA system.

Find the exported file on your computer and pull it up to edit/add employee – it is important to keep the columns the same and the headings the same.

Do not change the format of the file and do not delete any of the columns. 

Make sure your employee that you have added has your customer id and a pool id.

After adding the new employee to the bottom of the list, save your file.

While still in the Employees area of the portal, select import employees.  Select “Choose file” and navigate to the file you just edited and added the employee.

Click on Load from Excel.

Quick Tip:

          • If the portal pulls up warnings, read them and make note of what it is telling you. (orange)
          • If the portal gives an error, select the fix button to fix the record (red)

Once you are ok with the list (Or if you did not have any warnings or errors), select  IMPORT.

      • Do not click on the box to load additional spreadsheets, this will result in your list being loaded twice and you will then have duplicates in your roster.
      • You should receive a message that the employee import was successful.

Click on employees and search your roster employees and make sure your new addition is now in the active roster.

If you are unable to bypass the orange or red to hit a button labeled “Import” – You need to exit out of your portal and look at your spreadsheet for errors, and then try again.  If you are unable to load your roster after multiple attempts, please call ITSA for assistance.