The ITSA Customer Portal!

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ITSA Customer Portal

How To Logon to Your Portal

Go to the web site.

The user will enter the Username and Password with the temp credentials an ITSA representative has provided. Note: If the user already has a current Username and Password, the user will enter the current information into the portal.

Once those are entered and accepted, a display “Create Account” screen will appear to complete the setup.

Next the 2-Step Verification screen will be displayed. Note: Most will be verified by email as the cell number is not captured for all users in the ITSA system.

Below is an example of an email that will be sent to the users email.

If the user has a cell phone on file with ITSA, a one- time security code will be texted to the user as shown below.

You will put the code in the “Verify” line in the 2-Step Verification screen.

The next time the user logs into the ITSA portal, as long as the user is using the same device to log into the portal, only the Username and Password will be required.