How to use FormFox

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FormFox Instruction

Order a Test

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Client Instructions for Placing a FormFox Authorization Order

Log into FormFox Marketplace:

  1. Choose “Order”
  1. Complete Information for drug test. All fields with “*” must be completed.

Note: For DOT testing under Regulatory Mode, DOT NOT use DOT or DOT SP. Use, FAA, FMCSA, PHMSA, FRA , FTA or USCG. Also the category must be completed.

3. Choose “Add”

4. Choose “Confirm”

5. Choose Alcohol Test or Physical Exam if you need an additional service. Complete Steps. If need to conduct physicals and the FormFox system will not let you choose this feature, please call our office so we can turn this on.

  1. For DOT services, the DOT Icon should show next to the service selected:
  2. Services chosen for a DOT drug and alcohol test should look like the example below:

8. Choose Next.

  1. Complete all information with an “*”.

Note: Under I.D. Type choose the down arrow to choose Employee I.D. or Alternate I.D. if required.

Note: If choosing FMCSA, the screen will default to Driver’s I.D. Driver I.D. is DOT number.

Note: Please also put in the date of birth of employee and an evening phone number. This is required on the CCF.

10. Choose “Find Clinic” Next

  1. Type, city, state and/or zip
  2. Hit enter on the keyboard of choose the search icon.
  3. Choose the clinic you want to review
  4. Chose the down arrow, so you can see more information about the clinic.