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Integrity Testing and Safety Administrators Makes It Easy to Create a Drug-Free Workplace

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that nearly 75 percent of all adult illicit drug users are employed, as are most binge and heavy alcohol users. Studies show that when compared with non–substance abusers, substance-abusing employees are more likely to:


  • Change jobs frequently
  • Be late to or absent from work
  • Be less productive employees
  • Be involved in a workplace accident
  • File a workers’ compensation claim


Employers who have implemented drug-free workplace programs have important experiences to share:


  • Employers with successful drug-free workplace programs report improvements in morale and productivity, and decreases in absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, and theft.
  • Employers with longstanding programs report better health status among employees and family members and decreased use of medical benefits by these same groups.
  • Some organizations with drug-free workplace programs qualify for incentives, such as decreased costs for workers’ compensation and other kinds of insurance.


According to the American Council for Drug Education (ACDE), if a non-regluated business has not implemented a drug-free workplace program, the employees and the business are at greater risk for:


  • Accidents
  • Lowered productivity
  • Higher insurance costs
  • Lower profits
  • Reduced product quality
  • Compromised business image


In fact, the ACDE maintains that workers with drug or alcohol abuse problems are:


  • 10 times more likely to miss work
  • 3.6 times more likely to be involved in on-the-job accidents
  • 5 times more likely to injure themselves or another in the process
  • 5 times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim
  • 33 percent less productive
  • Responsible for higher healthcare costs


Your Partner in Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing, Occupational Health and Safety

Your primary focus has to be on your business: meeting your goals, satisfying your customers, delivering your products or services. When it comes to your effort to operate a safe and healthy workplace, you need trustworthy partners to ensure you get the best guidance and quality service.  You need people with experience, knowledge and the ability to deliver accurate, dependable results – the first time.


Implementing a substance abuse testing program can be challenging. Integrity will be a partner to either transition an existing program or establish a new program from the ground up. At Integrity, we design programs around a company’s needs to ensure that those programs meet federal rules, state laws and industry standards at the same time ensuring company safety goals are met.  When it comes to improving workplace safety, Integrity can provide companies with tools and resources needed to develop a substance-free workplace program as well as a complete continuum of substance abuse expertise, drug and alcohol testing methodologies, and easy to implement policies and procedures.


You need Integrity – in every part of your drug and alcohol testing, occupational health and safety programs. The leadership of Integrity brings 20 years of experience to serve you. This is Integrity's core business, not an add-on to other business lines. Our experience is reflected in credentials indicating the highest level of commitment to our field. Integrity will help your company create a safer, more productive, substance-free workplace environment by:


  • Developing an easy to implement substance abuse testing policy
  • Providing guidance and a system to help navigate refusals to test
  • Providing educational tools to help your company handle a positive drug or alcohol test
  • Establishing convenient collection site locations to minimize lost productivity
  • Ensuring the collection sites have certified collectors on staff to guarantee accuracy and compliance
  • Maintaining required record keeping functions and statistical reporting to provide  information when needed


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