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DER Training

DOT/FAA drug and alcohol testing regulations are complex and can be confusing! Knowledge of the DOT/FAA regulations is vital when making decisions on testing issues, such as; how to manage random testing of safety-sensitive employees, the pre-employment testing process, procedures to follow if an employee tests positive or refuses to test and a myriad of other regulatory requirements for a compliant testing program.
Each employer must ensure compliance with the testing regulations by appointing a DER to assist in fulfilling this responsibility and act on behalf of the employer in the management of the program and to make necessary decisions.
Integrity Testing & Safety Administrators, Inc. (ITSA) has developed a course specific to the drug and alcohol testing to comply with the regulations. This training literally walks the DER through 49 CFR Part 40 (Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program) and 14 CFR Part 120 (FAA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program) providing a solid foundation for the role and responsibility of the DER. Best practices will be discussed and the standard tools to effectively perform the daily functions of the DER will be provided.
This training will focus on day to day issues that occur for many DERs with case scenarios and exercises to enhance the material. We will also review program management to ensure an audit ready program.

Course Topics

~      Detailed analysis of Employer Responsibilities~      Role of the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)
~      Review DOT Part 40 drug and alcohol regulations/updates~      How to audit your Service Agents including collection sites
~      Review FAA Part 120 drug and alcohol regulations~      Alcohol prohibitions and testing procedures
~      Policy requirements and postings~      Random testing process
~      The Pre-Employment testing process~      Reasonable Suspicion/Cause Determinations
~      40.25 Previous drug and alcohol records check~      Audit Preparation
~      What constitutes prohibited conduct~      Management Information Systems (MIS) Reports
~      What is a refusal to test and when to take action~      Record retention requirements
~      Managing violations (positive tests) & the return-to-duty process~      Training requirements